Rodolphe Clérac received the 2022 RSC/SCF Lectureship prize in Chemical Sciences from the Royal Society of Chemistry, for the development of new research areas in molecular magnetism and contributions to the study of magnetic materials.

The Royal Society of Chemistry-Société Chimique de France Lectureship in Chemical Sciences is a reciprocal lectureship awarded alternately by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Société Chimique de France (SCF), for advances in chemistry made by a scientist while working and residing in France or the UK, respectively.

Dr. Clérac’s team build matter from the atomic level using metals and organic molecules in order to organise them to promote one or several targeted physical properties. This requires a strong synergy between the chemistry and physics of these systems. It is this duality that fascinates Rodolphe Clérac and inspires his research work on molecule-based magnetic materials and molecular magnets. His group’s work offers broad prospects for the preparation of a new generation of lightweight magnetic materials that could be applied within aeronautics, space or mobile technologies and the electronics of tomorrow….

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