Prof. J. Long’s group (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

Jeff Long

Department of Chemistry, University of California,
    Berkeley, 209 Lewis Hall,
    CA 94720 USA


Our team is collaborating with the group of Jeffrey Long since 2007. A part of our collaborative work on the “Photomagnetic Materials” has been funded in 2007-2008 by the the France-Berkeley Fund (FBF).

A few words about Long’s work that focuses on developing new approaches to the synthesis of inorganic clusters and solids, with emphasis on controlling the physical structure of materials as a means of tailoring the physical properties. His group is involved in establishing predictive solid state reaction schemes, including dimensional reduction — a high-temperature method for dismantling binary solid frameworks. In addition, they have shown how molecular clusters can be used to expand the crystal structures of simple coordination solids, such as Prussian blue. The resulting materials present a series of stable microporous solids that can be directed toward functioning as sieves, sensors, and catalysts. Recently, these materials have also been developed for applications in hydrogen storage.