! New 3.2 version available updated from 6th January 2023 !

MagSuite is a set of software applications to treat magnetic data

– MagViewer

  • Import raw data files from different formats (rso.dat; ac.dat; AC.dat…).
  • Sort data (dc magnetization vs. field, vs. temperature, vs. time and ac susceptibilities…).
  • Apply corrections and normalizations.
  • Preview the results.
  • Export the treated data in different formats.

– MagFitterCC

  • Fit ac data with a generalized Debye model to extract characteristic relaxation time and associated parameters.

– MagFitterTau (now available with the last version V3.2)

  • Fit relaxation time evolutions to extract characteristic relaxation processes (Raman, QTM, Direct, and Orbach).

and more…

For Microsoft Windows OS, you can download MagSuite for free from Zenodo :

For other OS, you can contact me.


  • When you use MagSuite for your scientific work, please add the following reference in your article: M. Rouzières, MagSuite, Zenodo (2020);
  • MagSuite is distributed with the hope that it will be useful to scientists, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY
  • The software has been developed with LabView and need LabVIEW 2014 Runtime Engine

Find here some documentation: