Magnetometry expertise

The M3 team has developed a large expertise on magnetometry from technical aspects, sample preparations, processes of measurements, and experimental setups, to the analysis and interpretation of the collected data.

The M3 team is in charge of three magnetometers (Quantum Design MPMS XL, PPMS, and PPMS Evercool II) with multiple options to cover a wide range of experiments:

  • DC measurements (with SQUID detection in standard DC or RSO modes, or with VSM option)
  • AC measurements (up to 10 000Hz with SQUID, ACMS and ACMS II options)
  • Setups for tunable light irradiation (photomagnetometry and visible reflectance spectroscopy)
  • Heat capacity, AC and DC resistivity measurements
  • Very low temperature (down to 50 mK with dilution refrigerator option for PPMS, or down to 500 mK with iQuantum iHelium3 for MPMS)
Team M3 expertise on magnetometry

The M3 team has developped a set of tools dedicated to the treatment of magnetic data : MagSuite.

To promote magnetometry techniques, the M3 team joined the french magnetometry and the european magnetometry networks.

This is an engagement to share our expertise with from industrial or institutionnal partners, through service offers (Transform platform) or scientific collaborations. These services are offered with our best reliability of the physical characterizations and quality of the transfert of knowledge.

Our expertise have been already shared with local industrial partners and about 80 scientific collaborators in 30 different countries.

For more information, you can contact:

The European Magnetometry Network

The R&D services of the European Magnetometry Network are performed through the MagNet consortium funded by EIT KIC Raw Materials. It gathers 16 original partners (7 universities, 5 research institutions, 2 R&D institutions, 2 companies) from 8 European countries, and covers a large spectrum of expertise including physics, chemistry, material sciences, geology, steel industry, and nanotechnologies.

The consortium can provide a wide range of services (measurement service, R&D collaboration, training or advicing, metrology development) to any European SMEs and industries.

French network of magnetometry experts

Le réseau francophone de magnétométrie est la branche francophone du réseau européen European Magnetometry Network (, créé en 2016 et qui vise à créer une communauté européenne dans le domaine de la magnétométrie. Il porte les mêmes objectifs que à une échelle nationale :

Le réseau francophone de magnétométrie rassemble des instituts de recherche et entreprises qui développent et/ou utilisent des outils de magnétométrie (du capteur magnétique aux magnétomètres intégrés). Ils travaillent principalement dans les domaines des capteurs, des sciences des matériaux, de la chimie, la physique, la métallurgie, l’électronique, les nanosciences, la médecine, la biologie et la géologie.