CANaRI ANR project, 2021-24

Cyclic Aromatic Nano-Ribbons

Partenaires :

P1. Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal
(CNRS UMR 5031, Univ. Bordeaux, Pessac):

Dr. F. Durola (PI), Dr. H. Bock, Dr. P. Dechambenoit

P2. Otto-Diels-Institut für Organische Chemie
(Christian Albrechts Univ., Kiel, Germany):

Pr. R. Herges

Design and organic synthesis of topologically non-trivial macrocyclic twisted graphene nano-ribbons. Studies of their aromatic, spectroscopic and chiroptical properties.

a) Is it possible to synthesize molecular objects with the shape of Möbius bands?

b) Being fully conjugated along the macrocycle, would these compounds have unusual electronic properties, such as Hückel or Möbius aromaticity/anti-aromaticity?

c) These molecules being intrinsically chiral and non-racemizable, will these molecules show interesting chiroptical properties?