HiPerMagnet ANR project, 2020-24

High performance 2D conductive magnets
through redox active coordination chemistry


P1. Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal
(CNRS UMR 5031, Univ. Bordeaux, Pessac):

Dr. R. Clérac (PI), Dr. P. Dechambenoit, Mr. M. Rouzières

P2. Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux
(CNRS UMR 5026, Univ. Bordeaux, Pessac):

Pr. C. Mathonière, Pr. Guionneau, Dr. B. Vignolle

P3. European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
(ESRF, Grenoble):

Dr. A. Rogalev, Dr. F. Wilhelm

P4. Institut Néel
(CNRS UPR 2940, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble):

Dr. F. Balestro, Dr. M. Urdampilleta

Design of novel magnetically ordered and conductive 2D molecule-based materials with tunable properties from the bulk to the single layer:

a) How can we synthesize molecule-based compounds with magnetically ordered phases around room temperature? for a first answer see this page.
b) How can we design molecule-based systems with tunable band gaps and carrier densities in order to promote high electrical conductivity?
c) How can we prepare molecule-based magnetic semiconductors that work at room temperature?
d) Can we make molecule-based spintronic devices showing exotic states of matter at low temperatures?
e) Can we make molecule-based spintronic devices working at room temperature?