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The Molecular Materials & Magnetism (M3) team is a research group lead by Rodolphe Clérac since 2001, and composed of Harald Bock, Fabien Durola, Pierre Dechambenoit, Corine Mathonière, Xavier Brilland and  Mathieu Rouzières.
The M3 research group is working at the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (CRPP), a CNRS scientific center situated on the campus of the Université de Bordeaux.

M3 research ACTIVITIES

Team M3 a research group for molecular materials and magnetism

The Molecular Materials & Magnetism (M3) team is working on new molecules and molecule-based materials.

From their synthesis to their characterization, in order to promote and control interesting physical properties such as magnetism, electrical conductivity, superconductivity, porosity, spin-crossover, single-molecule and single-chain magnets, magnets…

Five main themes of research are currently being developed.

  • Macroconjugated polyaromatic molecules
  • Molecule-based magnets and conducting magnets (with high critical temperature)
  • Single-molecule and single-chain magnets (and their derivatives) with high blocking temperatures or photo-switching properties
  • Spin-crossover and paramagnetic metal-metal bonded complexes
  • Magnetic and/or electro-active solutions and liquid-crystals.

In all these projects, our approach is comprehensive, from synthesis to detailed studies of the physical properties and their theoretical description. These different projects benefit from many national and international collaborations and also our involvement in different national and European networks.

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Latest news

In The Conversation, we have been invited to discuss with the general audience about our metal-organic magnets reported in Science last October.

The 20 minutes website has also communicated on our article in The Conversation. Des aimants légers et performants grâce à ...

Rodolphe Clérac received the 2021 Silver Medal from the CNRS.

Rodolphe Clérac, Research Director at the Centre de Recherche Paul and head of the "Molecular Materials & Magnetism" team, received ...

They are talking about…

"Substantial π-aromaticity in the anionic heavy-metal cluster [Th@Bi12]4−", A.R. Eulenstein, Y.J. Franzke, N. Lichtenberger, R.J. Wilson, H. Lars Deubner, F ...

Latest publications

[684]. A.R. Eulenstein, Y.J. Franzke, N. Lichtenberger, R.J. Wilson, H. Lars Deubner, F. Kraus, R. Clérac, F. Weigend and S. Dehnen, “Substantial π-aromaticity in the anionic heavy-metal cluster [Th@Bi12]4− “, Nat. Chem., 13, 149-155, (2021) – 10.1038/s41557-020-00592-z – hal-03133022

[683]. Ghosh, S. Kamilya, M. Das, S. Mehta, M.E. Boulon, I. Nemec, M. Rouzières, R. Herchel and A. Mondal, “Effect of Coordination Geometry on Magnetic Properties in a Series of Cobalt(II) Complexes and Structural Transformation in Mother Liquor”, Inorg. Chem., 59, 7067-7081, (2020) – 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.0c00538 – hal-03086324

[682]. Ghosh, S. Kamilya, M. Rouzières, R. Herchel, S. Mehta and A. Mondal, “Reversible Spin-State Switching and Tuning of Nuclearity and Dimensionality via Nonlinear Pseudohalides in Cobalt(II) Complexes”, Inorg. Chem., 59, 17638-17649, (2020) – 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.0c02887 – hal-03110216

[681]. Ghosh, S. Kamilya, T. Pramanik, M. Rouzières, R. Herchel, S. Mehta and A. Mondal, “ON/OFF Photoswitching and Thermoinduced Spin Crossover with Cooperative Luminescence in a 2D Iron(II) Coordination Polymer”, Inorg. Chem., 59, 13009-13013, (2020) – 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.0c02136 – hal-03086345

[680]. S. Kamilya, S. Ghosh, Y. Li, P. Dechambenoit, M. Rouzières, R. Lescouëzec, S. Mehta and A. Mondal, “Two-Step Thermoinduced Metal-to-Metal Electron Transfer and ON/OFF Photoswitching in a Molecular [Fe2Co2] Square Complex”, Inorg. Chem., 59, 11879-11888, (2020) – 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.0c02053 – hal-03082269

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